sports events and lack there of


Roma. C. 2008. I will find the exact name and location of this church.

It’s been some time since I’ve attended a sports event, and I am pretty bummed by that fact. I actually wanted to watch an FCDallas game, but never made the effort. They’re in the play-offs (yay!), but with that the matches are always TBD. I wanted to watch a Rangers game this season to realize today that they only have one more game left, which determines whether or not they play in the World Series. It’s now (American) football season (not a fan) and hockey season. The one hockey match I want to watch and I don’t have willing goers. Note to self: go find other people.

Classic story: I should be working on an assignment/paper, but I’m not because I am an amazing student. I think I’m burnt out, but I can’t be because there are plenty of assignments, projects, studies, PRESENTATIONS, and lectures to do and I just have to keep going. Friends have advised that we’ll adapt, but when?

People are starting to plan events for the holidays or birthdays, and they’re freaking me out. I get so tense whenever people start planning events. I just want to move day-by-day. If I do anymore, I might have a heart attack. Play by ear anyone?

Funny that I’m complaining about people planning events because THERE’S A HUGE EVENT COMING MY WAY NEXT YEAR! I’m finally going back to Europa, and I’ll have new pictures to post. Not that I don’t love the ones I have, but it’s always good to just capture it all. That’ll be my motivation to continue through the night.

I noticed that I don’t use !!!!!!!!s as much as I used to. Does this mean I’m not excited as I used to be? Does this mean I’ve toned down? As a linguist, I notice these small things. I mean sure, it’s an orthographic representation and could possibly not mean much, but come on, there must be a pragmatic strategy with those !!!!!s. Why did I use them so much before? It does feel like I make a conscious effort to not use as many !!!!! in my posts on SNS.

I feel better. I can move on to work now. Thanks, WordPress.