foro romano – roman forum – c. Spring 2008; before you had to pay to get in 

Chuc mung nam moi! Tram nam phat tai! Suc khoe doi dao! Van su nhu y! Chuc moi nguoi va gia dinh mot mua tet sang sua va vui ve!

no accents…whoops

but yay! tet is here!


breaking news!



inside the basilica di san pietro! =] so beautiful & glorious!

okay, it’s not so much breaking news because this was out a while ago (and i finally heard about it), but the wanted is “taking a break”.

we all know what “taking a break means” even if this isn’t a dating relationship; they’re BREAKING UP.

i am a fangirl of theirs, and this is quite depressing for me. *sigh* i actually watched their show too.

will update with a foto…for now let’s have a moment of silence ='[

xanga shut down


tiber island, in the middle of the tiber river. jan, 2008

i’ve done it. my xanga is officially shut down. i didn’t get to say good-bye to it so here goes:


you were a great friend these ten years. i’m really sad to see you go. http://www.xanga.com/itsjulie served me well. i loved your simple blogging scheme, i loved how easy it was to find other bloggers, i loved your ireallylikefood posts and your lovelyish posts, and most of all i loved how patient and kind you were to me. i am deeply grateful that you were there with me during my high times and my low. i am also grateful that you let me download archives of my posts before i saw you go. thank you for being a great friend. ❤ i already miss you. ❤

on to other news:

i am planning to apply for the PhD program. wish me luck!

and please keep james in your prayers ❤

hospital visit


pictured: castel sant’angelo. c. 2008. of course it’s gotta have bernini’s statues =]

my boyfriend was recently admitted to the hospital due to a bad case of pneumonia. these are thoughts i’ve had while visiting him:

when people tell him: try to get your heart rate down. how do you expect him to get it down when you tell him it’s high? people just get nervous when you tell them that.

a lot of people have been asking him: have you gotten your flu shot or have you had the flu? i know that the flu has been going around and around, but shouldn’t you have this down some where that he has NOT gotten the flu nor has he had his shot? almost every person has asked him that.

there are more thoughts, but these are the only ones that i remember so far. i’ll update with more.

i know they mean well, but i’m just frustrated for him.

please pray for him to get better soon. ❤ thank you!



Campo dei fiori! =] beautiful fresh flowers in Roma…even being sold at night

titi, the pumpkin pie princess puppy, is sometimes home alone for the whole morning to late afternoon. by the time someone comes home, she definitely needs to use the puppy rr. i’ve been making sure to come home after work to let titi out so she can be relieved and that she won’t have complications later (she’s kinda getting to grandma puppy status). what did i do today instead? i irked away from my titi-responsibilities. i left titi to wait for my mom to come home. which leads me to the reason for the post name.

i’ve gotten a lot of grief over this, but i have a problem with taking on a billion tasks at once.  i’m always doing something, meeting someone, doing some assignment, working on something for church, working in general, etc. i generally volunteer for certain activities that lack people, or if someone asks as a favor i end up doing the task for the one who asks. i join clubs i don’t need to. i was scrutinized for not setting enough time for certain people. basically, i’ve set myself a billion things to be responsible for.

lately, i haven’t been wanting to partake in any of the activities, and mostly been wanting to stay home – warm, cozy, food, copious drama watching.

do i have a right to shy away from my responsibilities that I set up for myself? Wouldn’t the responsible thing to do would be to man it up and deal with what I took on?