another doctor’s visit


good ‘ol emperor constantine – the one who converted to christianity AND stopped the persecution of christians. foto taken in roma, capitoline museum, c. 2008

i was recently diagnosed with erythema multiforme. apparently a number of reasons could result in what wikipedia calls an uncommon skin condition, but my awesome doctor friend has informed me that the antibiotics i was taking for a my sinusitis was most likely what triggered this weird reaction in my body. i was itching and feeling all funky since saturday. might i mention i was quite red, bumpy, and just gross? and may i mention the weird blobs and blanched centers? i looked it up and sure enough the pictures matched what my skin looked like.

on a side note – and much happier:
I AM FUNDED! tuition will be covered during my time as a doctoral candidate! YAY!! WHOOOHOO!!! go me!

must stick to lent promise better.