new laptop


park of rome skyline…i think that’s the basilica di san pietro in the background, but that is most definitely the marcello theater. there are apts there that cost 10,000 euros a month (from what i heard in 2008) prices most likely have changed since then.

hi wordpress-ers! actually, what would i even call people on wordpress? bloggers?

i finally have a new laptop! good-bye old almost 8 year old dell & hellooooo new, slim, light, and pretty-colored acer! ;] according to the boo thang, he’s been wanting to replace my laptop ever since he saw it. that does hurt a bit bc despite the age of my dell, it’s been working just fine. i was just scared that it was working too well for its age and it might croak sometime soon. but hey! a new laptop as a gift? I AM NOT COMPLAINING. and it’s beautiful! =D thank you jomejome! ❤ he’s the best! ❤

okay enough being mushy! i finished this past semester STRONG. maintained my perfect GPA, but now i’m thinking that professors might actually just be handing us a’s since we’re grad school students and they expect all of that work we do. that makes sense right? one of my professors never gave us back any actual grades; we would just get “check-plus-pluses” back. when we asked her what the grades equated to, she would just reply with “it’s all relative. you’re all grad school students so it doesn’t matter”…yes, but relative to what? now that we’ve all made a’s, i’m starting to think she just gives us a’s as long as our work is done. not that i’m complaining about the a, i’m just trying to figure out the system here.

i was going to apply to the phD program for fall 2014, but what happened you ask? i never got around to it =[ the holidays kind of got in the way, and I never made time to just sit and figure out the application process…actually, i should probably figure out if it’s too late to apply…i think the biggest thing that i’m worried about is my GRE score. i’m pretty sure it’s not enough to be admitted into the PhD program =[ and i don’t want to spend another XX amount of moneys for this standardized test. or that i won’t even do well this time around!

sorry my thoughts have been kind of everywhere lately. i’ve been running around here and there. i’ll organize them better later.

for now! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! =D