the exorcism of saul


castel gandolfo – where the pope’s summer palace is located

the summary of the story is as so:

king saul was not a man after God’s own heart, and since he strayed away from God he was often tortured by evils and was never at peace. what cured him was david’s playing of the harp. david was annointed as king, and he was a man after God’s own heart. as soon as david would play his harp, king saul was temporarily cured from the evils that bothered him. 

i’ve never listened to christian music much, aside from what we sing in choir, but these past couple of weeks i’ve discovered the peace the music can really bring to me. i was saul, and the music was king david’s playing of the harp. the music has inspired me to find peace within my soul & to be stronger.

we all fall into temptations from time to time – be it an additional 5 mins of sleep in the morning, another bite of food when you really shouldn’t, or another episode of some tv show – we all have something constantly tempting us. yet, when i listen to the music i really feel uplifted and calmed. the power of God indeed.

Thank you, Lord!



the power of prayer



i knew i had a decent foto of the baptistry in st peter’s basilica. c.2008

i have never once doubted God’s power, and i will never doubt it. he has a purpose for everyone, and i believe that it is up to each every individual to use the talents he has given us to find that potential and purpose he intended. 

i will keep praying that he keep me strong through any obstacles and through all of my endeavors! 

and GO KIM YUNA!!! 김연아 김연아 김연아!!!!! if anyone can do it – SHE CAN!

phone anxiety


foro romano – roma c. 2008 – when entry was still free…the people pictured are members of the spring 2008 class

i think i have phone anxiety. lately, whenever someone calls or texts i get a bit apprehensive and jittery. i have no desire to pick up the call nor do i really want to talk to the person – or text back these days for that matter. it’s become a bit of a job, one where i hate. i used to be excited whenever i got a text message or call, and i don’t know how i’ve become like this. i’m okay with playing games or looking through apps on my phone, but the act of communication is starting to terrify me. i do NOT look forward to any of it. now, i wonder if this is because i’m always on my phone looking through apps and such that i’m starting to become an antisocial-phone person? or is there another reason behind this? hm…

telephone phobia – it exists. great.