what i’m studying.


another view of the foro romano. c. 2008.

starting next semester i will be considered a candidate for the Linguistics PhD program. what does that mean? i’ll be spending the next 4-5 years (depending how quickly or slowly i finish my dissertation) observing and analyzing different linguistic phenomena. i’ve already been studying linguistics since 2012, but that was when i was pursuing an MA instead of the PhD. this time, instead of graduating with the MA, i’m hoping to finish and get out with a PhD. i never noticed how much it bothered me that so few people understand what i mean when i say “linguistics”, until now.

small talk seems to always include the question of: so what do you do? what are you studying exactly? and i cannot even tell you how many people give me blank stares when i tell them linguistics. once i explain what it is, even fewer seem interested in what it is. i always explain that linguistics is the study of languages. that we, as linguists, break down languages, examine, and analyze them. i’m almost soon prompted by “soo don’t you have to know a lot of languages? how many do you even know?!?” it’s not about how many languages i know, it’s about what exactly i’m looking at in regards to a language. i don’t have to even know the language! i’ve explained it as code breaking to people, and they still don’t understand sometimes. it’s all too depressing. and for those that don’t find it interesting, that’s fine; that’s your opinion. Just do me a favor and please do not bring me down. if you don’t understand, just ask. i’ll be more than happy to explain to you.

another good one is: “you’re choosing to study linguistics bc it’s easy.” no, it’s actually not easy. it’s very tedious and detail oriented work. so give us a little credit, would you?


Semester – done.



Pompeii, c. 2008

This is going to be a work in progress because I’m too lazy to make my way to my laptop at this time. I’ll have a lovely photo up soon. (Currently using the handy WordPress app)

THE SEMESTER HAS ENDED! yes! I am not too sure how I finished the semester, but I do know that I wrote three papers in a span of a week. Am i proud? Yes, more than I should be at least. Procrastination success is what I call it! Just glad I get a nice break before freaking out about being a doctoral student. Next semester I will be a PhD candidate. Holy crappola. Did I ever see myself here? No, sure didn’t! So scary and exciting all at the same time!

I’ve started watching Merlin on Netflix since I ran out of things to watch that piqued my interest, and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! Especially if you love the Arthurian stories =] it’s a good twist!

Alright, here is a good stop. I’ll be back!


a good friend’s wedding this week, and this lucky gal gets to be in the bridal party. i have to be up at 4am on Saturday in order to get ready and start the preparations for the super busy day. I typically sleep at 4am so this might be a problem for me. What i’ve decided to do is stay up pretty late tonight and then wake up early for work tomorrow, help set up after work, and by the time i get home i’ll be so exhausted that i’ll just fall straight to sleep. sounds like a solid plan, right? i’m hoping for the best!

and of course i finished the semester strong. forgot to add that in. ;]