where did it go?

time is a slippery fiend, isn’t it?

i’m feeling all sorts of emotions right now, and it’s pretty difficult to get anything done with them toiling around. it’s hard to just drop and set aside everything else that’s going on to do a reading assignment, grade some papers, school work in general. it’s even harder when the lack of support is there. why do i even bother with that? why do i bother with affirmation knowing that i won’t get much of it? why am i so concerned with everyone else’s approval that i’m letting it affect with my goals?

worst part? it’s hard to be appreciative of what i have. i know better, i do. and if i didn’t have what i do have right now, would i react even more negatively? would i just settle for what everyone else wants vs. what i want?

time, support, motivation. please come back soon. i kind of need you.


marcus aurelius at the musei capitolini. taken c. 2008