trying to be grateful


the interior of la sagrada familia – barcelona, c. 2008. beautiful piece of work by senor gaudi. the best part of this is that it’s not even finished and the project is still ongoing. it’s been worked on for over a century now.


so yeah, to have been there to see it during its construction is actually quite amazing. i know a lot of people would love to see it unfinished, but i think you have to marvel at the fact that you can experience it during its construction. see how it develops.


every detail – no wonder it’s taking so long


sure, i didn’t get to see the finished product, but i’m grateful that i even got to see it. 

why can’t i apply that attitude to every day life? the catechists at my parish went on a retreat this past saturday, and i came out feeling refreshed and anew. i kept thinking to myself: I WILL NOT TAKE GOD FOR GRANTED! I WILL BE APPRECIATIVE AND DEPEND ON HIM! HE CARRIES MY YOKE, TOO! i was going to write a post about how inspired i felt! now? i let that feeling fade, and today, i got upset over a cartoon picture version of me that a friend put together because she meant well. why did i get upset? because i thought she made me look like a boy child while she made every one else look so nice. let me repeat: I – GOT – UPSET – OVER – A – CARTOON – VERSION – OF – ME. i just didn’t think it looked anything like me, and i just thought she was intentionally hurting my feelings. she apologized, and i let it hang. i know my self-esteem isn’t the best in the world, and i know it gets the better of me sometimes, but i could’ve said it was okay.

i’m a horrible person.

enjoy the pretty pictures from not so pretty of a person.