Nap time


constantine’s finger, roma c. 2008, located at the musei capitol

There comes a time in most university students’ lives when sleeping is so incredibly scarce and valuable. My five minute power naps are my treasure! Sweet dreams, world!


first doctor’s visit in YEARS (not sure how many exactly)


after doing a little research I figured out which arch this is – it is the arch of septimus severus, located in the foro romano. c. 2008 (forgive me, it’s been awhile)

i had my first doctor’s visit in a super really long time, and how was it? the wait sucked. the waiting and the exam rooms were probably due for a good disinfecting. i mean who doesn’t take appointments? BUT it was a good visit! the members of my household used to all go see another doctor, who we considered the FAMILY DOCTOR, but as time went on we realized he was not a good wine. the doctor was just plain vinegar (blech). this doctor though? corny jokes? check! similar sense of humor? check! informative, but not condescending? check! glad i went to the doctor.

the symptoms started popping up, all while i was in the ling lab, and i freaked a little. i tried my best to stay hydrated – taking dayquil – sort of going to bed early – etc. the next day i came to the horrible realization that I WAS SICK. i hoped a whole day of rest would do me good. by 7 pm i gave up. the boyfriend, because he’s the most awesome boyfriend ever, took me to the clinic and much to our dismay, they didn’t accept my insurance. we picked up some chickie, and headed back to the casa. with the massive sinus headache i had, i looked through the list of doctors that would take my insurance; i found our usual “family” doctor in my “network” list, and i was close to just settling for him. the boyfriend consulted that i should rest and figure out how i felt the next day…needless to say, i slept through a cough-ful night.

today, i decided that the doctor was probably the best person to go see. the cough made my throat feel all funky and the congestion was no friend either. going with my decision, i looked through the “in your network” list again. again, i saw our not-so- “family” doctor again, and i felt myself caving – I JUST WANTED TO FEEL BETTER!!!!!!!!!! i was told to STAY STRONG by my sister, who was also not a fan of said family doctor, and told me to KEEP GOING!!! i found a clinic close to the house, and called to set up an appointment. “we’re a walk-in” clinic. chicka-wah? alright, fine. i’m desperate anyway. and the rest, history! luckily it’s not the flu or a cold. it’s a case of sinusitis. =[ not contagious, but can make someone depressed. 

yes, this puts off essay writing, but i really don’t want to be sick anymore.

was this post necessary? to answer that question is another: is any post necessary?

good morning


firenze (florence), c. 2008. I don’t remember the name of this location, but i just remember thinking “wow, this is so neat”

i had seen movies that filmed in firenze and set the bar pretty high in terms of expectations; i’d fallen in love with the city before ever being there. needless to say, the city not only met my expectations but surpassed them by THIS MUCH (arms wide open). why did i find it so appealing? it wasn’t too big, it was easy enough to walk, no need for a train/bus, had all of the aesthetics, housed numerous masterpieces – i mean what more could a person ask for? the architecture – outstanding, the food – yummy of course. art – check! it was pretty much around tuscany so any town outside of it was just beautiful. the fashionable walked amongst the historic buildings, creating this contradiction that just  made sense. and best of all? medici. 

and on a side note – i got into the linguistics phd program! YES! intimidated? yes. insecure? yup. freaking out about the commitment and time i’ll be spending as a professional-student? you betcha! just have to keep reminding myself that God has great plans for each of us, and my mission is to fulfill that plan! 

good night!