generation y


roma c. 2008…i honestly don’t know where specifically..maybe by the trevi or the pantheon?

why yes, i should be working on my language typology presentation, but this is more interesting at the moment

a lot of people that pop up on my facebook have been posting on the topic of today’s generation – generation Y! and generations thereafter. and how they subsequently deal with their shortcomings – be it making a c- on a test/essay, getting in trouble with the teacher, and so forth. i don’t think kids younger than gen y are part of gen y…i think it’s more ppl in their 20s today. oh hey, that’s me! but point is – they don’t deal with the negative as well as they should! and most of it is attributed to their parents. which does make sense

they make the c- on a test in college (or university, depending on which part of the world you happen to be in), and they call their parents, who then try to set up a conference with the professor. the professor doesn’t respond or decline. hmm…i wonder why -____-

another example: kids are told that they’re in trouble – they cry to the parents, who then want proof as that their kids deserved to be punished & want to know exactly how the event even happened.

another complaint: parents freak out when their children are hurt and want to constantly baby them! no room for failure…

as a member of generation y, and a daughter of a mother who constantly babies me…here’s my explanation of these qualms

1. i had always made As (sometimes Bs) in high school and anything before it. i didn’t know what it was like to fail miserably…up until i got into college. and honestly, i didn’t want my mom to know. i hid it from her. she still does not know to this day that i failed/bombed any of my classes in undergraduate and i plan to keep it that way! i’ll admit it, i was really sad and angry about the grades. i didn’t understand how someone couldn’t see that my work was TOP NOTCH! those were my initial reactions, but then thinking about it later, i realized yeah, i totally deserved it..i was so used to be being baby-ed before that i didn’t get a chance to fall. when i did it hurt, but i learned, and now i’m working super hard to do well in grad school! lesson-learned. i didn’t cry to mommy though because i feared that mommy would’ve beaten me haha

2. i am 25 (turning 26) and still live with my mom. i want to move out, but i’ll admit it, i’ve grown dependent on my mom. she cooks/cleans/takes care of me. and guess what? i’ve lived alone before and LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT. what makes me stay with my mom? i’m scared of leaving her alone..=/ not because i’m scared to leave her but because i’m genuinely worried that something will go wrong if she’s left alone. i used to think it was super demeaning of my sister to call my mom her child, but i see it a bit now..sometimes momma needs someone to say NO – STOP IT. my mom does baby me, and she doesn’t leave me room to fall. she til this day wants to give me money to make sure i have enough gas & offers to buy me a new car…(which would be awesome) but she’s also instilled a sense of “you need to learn how to do things on your own” (i don’t think she meant to do this one though) by completely letting me take the reins when it came to my school work…she doesn’t pay for my school (well, except for the rome semester…and a semester of grad school =[ )…she doesn’t understand much english, and my older sister was at work for the most part so during the application process and the financial aid stuff i did it. *shrugs* i figured it was what everyone else did…and research schools? i had no idea parents helped kids with that.

3. instant gratification was another complaint…instant gratification vs delayed gratification…i know that i expect a bit of both…not only do i do instant gratification, but i also do pre-gratification! i watch a drama and tell myself i’d have earned it later because i worked so hard! SO HA CRITICS! what do you have to say about that? i’m kidding, well not about the pre-gratification. but really, the instant gratification is true though. a lot of us do things and we expect something in return RIGHT AT THAT MOMENT. but i’ve learned this the hard way, and through lots of Catholic faith understanding, that you do things for others, and sometimes you aren’t rewarded. but the reward shouldn’t matter. what matters is that you’re setting aside time to do something that should probably more than likely be done. it’s hard to be appreciative of what we have bc in today’s society there’s a lot of “I DESERVE THAT! I WORKED HARD!” “I DESERVE TO BE HAPPY!” have you stopped to think, “hmm, have i done anything to make someone happy?” we’ve just grown selfish, i think =/ and it’s sad to see that happen

4. short attention span…a lot of kids are diagnosed w/ adhd – or add…when did this even come about? if a kid was hyper – a kid was hyper! kids have short attention spans! my attention span is short too, i don’t know how to explain this, but hey, i’ve been writing for quite some time on this. i don’t know, i just think you shouldn’t use adhd as an excuse for not being able to deal with someone’s attention span. and i don’t know, maybe i’m just being mean. so if you find this part offensive, i really am sorry, maybe i’m just misinformed about adhd then..whoops!

okay, back to my assignment. i’ve procrastinated long enough.


drama drama drama!


i present to you: the southern coast of italy, the bottom of the boot. this foto was taken while i was in stabiae, or stabia, a town quite close to pompeii. can you see mt vesuvius in the back? beautiful

while current events in my life are being filled with actual drama (not fun), i’ve been filling my free time with DRAMAS! the kind you watch >8] lately, that’s all i’d rather do. i would typically say YEAH GIVE ME A BOOK, but my brain has been fried by so many late night sessions of essay writings or research or whatever typical grad school kids do in the middle of the night. this post is dedicated to the DRAMAS i am currently watching —

1. Heirs

it’s basically amazing and everyone should watch it. okay, fine, watch it if you’re a huge fangirl who loves gawking at extremely attractive men. the premise is pretty typical for a high school k-drama: you have your rich boys that have unresolved dysfunctional family issues, and then you have your poor girl who happens to be immersed into rich boy’s life. what makes this stand out from the rest? the super deep familial issues these kids deal with? or how about the fact that the poor girl is working a billion part time jobs to support her family?? or how about dealing with themes like acceptance? or self-acceptance? ha! who am i kidding? it’s the amount of attractive males in the drama…that’s right, i said it. ATTRACTIVE GRADE-A MALES.

the cast is soo insanely attractive *swoon and sigh like a fangirl* you have leeminho, kimwoobin, choijinhyuk, minhyuk from cnblue, and the other males are attractive too. just can’t remember their names at the top of my head, and the ladies are nicely dressed. just strange to have the actress that plays the poor mom, who is deaf, go from a rich aunt in one drama (specifically the fact that the mom was the insanely rich aunt in master’s sun!) to poor deaf mom. such an adjustment

2. Switch Girl

i don’t normally watch japanese dramas, but did a great job with their marketing ploy…basically make you watch the same commercial about ten times until you really get curious and start watching it…so i started watching switch girl and finished it within about 2 weeks or so. the drama is 2 seasons long, with eight-30 min episodes in each season. pretty short, so i was willing to watch. it’s like watching an anime being acted out in real-action. it was pretty amazing. i laughed, a lot, and i cried when the moments came. besides the fact that the director did a great job in making me think i was watching an anime, the cast was great too! *sigh* i was thoroughly impressed..they also dealt with super dark themes…a lot of teenage – “what should i do about sex” issues…and a lot of bullying, physical abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, love, doubt, fidelity, first love, innocence, acceptance, self-acceptance, etc. the second season is a lot more dark than the first, but it was still entertaining. so thank you and your billion previews for switch girl. bc i would never have even considered watching it.

3. reign

so it’s not an asian drama. oh well! i started watching reign thanks to my wonderful wifey. reign is about Mary, queen of Scots. after watching the five episodes that have been released, i’ve come to the conclusion that i am hooked! this show is so historically inaccurate, the fashion is totally off, and apparently king francis was a lot taller than history made him out to be? but it’s okay because this show does what it’s meant to do: ENTERTAIN YOU. oh geez, the clothing, the costumes, the dresses, the hair, someone who appreciates the art of fashion – THIS SHOW HAS IT ALL! sure the dresses are not anywhere near what they could have possibly worn back in that time, but i think the point was to give it a somewhat “modern” twist on a renaissance dress. the costume designers of reign do exactly just that; they give those dresses a modern twist..i even want one for my wedding! gorgeous. as for the story line, it’s forget that these teenagers got married so young and had to rule countries…basically they had to grow up. so it was interesting to see them deal with adolescent issues along with having to worry about running a country. i liked that…and, ya know, so they made up a few’s entertainment! i hope they don’t get rid of this show. oh! and i also like that they make you pick between the crown prince, prince francis, and the bastard son, prince sebastien…i think i’m #teamfrancis and #teambash i’m a huge fangirl!

more to come!

rome sick


foto courtesy of yours truly!

well wordpress familia, today i would like to introduce you to what us UDers call romesickness

romesick: a time period of our lives where we long and grieve for our roma….the eternal city that we called home for four months T_T i really miss rome…oh so much! i love it so! sometimes i can’t believe i was actually there. i am very, extremely blessed to have been given the opportunity to go there ❤ God, my family’s support and UD were the ones who helped me find my way there

i’ve been back home -_-  don’t get me wrong, it’s great being home with my loved ones, but i miss exploring and site seeing and eating all yummy foods and knowing that i worked it off by walking x amount of miles

ah just thinking about the spaghetti carbonara, the candies, the suppli, the pizze, the panini, the GRUBBB gets me all tingly

it’s been five years and i still can’t let go…i don’t think i ever will…until next time