semester two starts next week


Castel Sant’Angelo, roma, c. 2008 – complete with the lined bernini angels.

waltz music & music from tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker were what kept me going for my finals week during the fall 2014 semester. I went through the Nutcracker twice in one night for my semantics paper. Let me tell you, I was not confident in either my phonology or my semantics, and I think it showed for phonology. I made my first B ever as a graduate student, in my first semester in the PhD program might i add. i felt defeated for awhile, but in the end i realized that i deserved it. i let my lack of confidence get the better of me, and i let the imposter syndrome take over. i know now that if i have a question ASK, even if i think it’s super silly. and my topic? it seemed like a good idea at the moment, but now i’m confused on how to take it on. maybe i don’t really have anything, and so i’m worried about phonology. And on the topic of phonology, SCREW YOU OT! TAKE YOUR CONSTRAINTS WITH YOU!

I’ve always found it fascinating that speakers of English never use the simple present. We have tendencies to use the present perfect or present progressive (or present continuous according to the wikipedia page…what?, but never the simple present like Spanish speakers do. Why is that?

heartbreak. not mine, but someone very close to me. is it wrong to tell the person that it’s okay to hope? i think it might be helpful to see the end better…not sure.


the emergency post in the North End, in Boston, C. 2015. BOSTON IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL CITY! i wish i had more time to explore more of the sites. a city with endless historical information and the food! James took me to Boston for my late birthday gift, and I am so happy he did. at first i was skeptical bc of the cold and the harsh winters my friend had mentioned. i didn’t mind the cold AT ALL. i was well prepared, and i think i was just too excited. the walkability is such a perk and the subway! reminded me of roma. wish i had more time.


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